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Wareham Court Leet November 2021

Wareham Court Leet

Come and watch Wareham’s ancient medieval tradition


Wareham's Medieval Traditional Court Leet


What is Wareham’s Court Leet?

Wareham has one of only two remaining Court Leets in Dorset. This relic of Wareham’s medieval past is an early form of a “trading standards office”.

The Court Leet ensured that the traders gave good measure when brewing ale and fair weight when baking bread. Still presided over by the Lord of the Manor of Wareham it upholds the more light hearted tradition, inspecting local public houses for their beer, food, chimneys and toilets.

The Court meets nightly during a week in November with two pubs inspected each night from 7 pm. On the last day – Friday 19th, when town clock in Wareham strikes 13 at midday the Court Leet delivers its finding at the town hall and members of the public are welcome to watch. Watch the Court Leet Song.

To join in the tour of Wareham’s pubs – here are the dates…

15 November
7.30 Wareham Legion Club
9.00 pm Horse and Groom

16 November
7.30 pm The Granary
9.— pm Duke of Wellington

17th November
7.30 pm The King’s Arms
9.00 pm The Conservative Club

18th November
7.30 pm The Bear
9.00 pm The Quay Inn

19th November
The Manor of Wareham Court Leet will be in attendance at Midday in the council chamber where formalities and due process will be undertaken by order of The Bailiff

Check out The Court Leet facebook page for updates.



Nov 15 - 19 2021


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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