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The Purbeck Film Festival in Dorset – 20th October – 4th November

The Purbeck Film Festival is back for the 28th year – 87 film screenings, 1 film preview, 6 VIP Q&A guests, 31 venues over 2 weeks. All films are live and ready for ticket sales on the website

The central theme of this year’s festival concerns the lives of children and teenagers. As children’s experiences help to define our future, the Purbeck Film Festival organisers hope that their chosen films highlight the difficulties that some children face.

More highlights for the Purbeck Film Festival…

Screening of four films depicting different aspects of Indian Culture

Focus on two giants in the world of art (Vermeer and Hopper

Two French evenings

One Spanish Evening

New Zealand Evening centering on Maori children

Nostalgic visit to the world of Tony Hancock in the company of the Tony Hancock Society

Tickets prices may vary depending on venue and event but average is £9.00 

Purbeck Film Festival


Purbeck Film Festival






Oct 20 2023

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