Visit Wareham, A town for all seasons!


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Great variety of accommodation in Wareham and the Purbeck area

Wareham offers a wide range of accommodation for your holiday or short break needs. Located in wonderful surroundings, there are warm and friendly B&B’s to luxurious hotels. 

The Purbeck area is a dream for wildlife lovers, and Wareham is a great base for exploring all that this area offers, with options such as staying at a traditional farmhouse or camping that let you get up close and personal with the local wildlife!

Family Friendly

Wareham and Purbeck have lots of fun accommodation options for families, with lots of caravan parks, warm and friendly B&B’s and if you need more space, self catering is a great option for families!

Wildlife Dream

There are lots of accommodation options for those wanting to experience the stunning wildlife and scenery surrounding Wareham and the Purbeck area. From staying in a traditional farmhouse to camping, there’s plenty for wildlife lovers.

Luxury Escapes

Wareham and PurbecK have their fair share of luxurious stays, with sought after hotels that will give you that truly relaxing holiday experience. With excellent customer service and beautiful accommodation, you will feel truly pampered!



Hotels in and around Wareham for every budget!
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Warm and friendly B&B's are abundant in Wareham, making this a great accommodation option
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Camping and Caravans

Camping and caravans are a great way to really experience the beauty of the Purbeck landscape
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Dog Friendly

There are lots of options for dog friendly accommodation, meaning no part of the family gets left behind!
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Self Catering

A great option for those wanting more space and independence, there are plenty of self catering options in and around Wareham
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